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Brother Bob’s Guide to Selecting A Spouse

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This book is a must-read for anyone looking for good, solid information in the weighing and evaluating of the person they are considering as a spouse.   Brother Bob clearly and enthusiastically explains this information, using a bit of humor along the way while maintaining a firm grip on some down-home sensibility.

Book cover Brother Bob's Guide To Selecting A Spouse

Brother Bob’s Guide To Selecting A Spouse

Ever wonder why it is that we have such challenges when it comes to marital relationships after the ceremony?  Why is it that once we say the “I-do’s” things seem to go downhill quickly?  Brother Bob has spent many, many hours evaluating and interviewing folks to get to the heart of these challenges.  He has discovered that what happens before the ceremony is just as critical as after the blessed event.  There are some foundational principles of happiness that seem to be lacking in many of today’s marriages, most of which can be traced back to what you will read and study about here.  Some of those basic and pressing reasons are covered with simple logic, a genuine enthusiasm and down to earth reasoning.  Brother Bob explains some of these hard to understand principles, along with some creative solutions for preventing and solving them.  He will be covering the subjects that each and every couple should review prior to saying the “I-do’s”.   If you study these subjects honestly, review them internally, and implement them as they apply to you, they will open your eyes to a greater understanding of who you are and then who you are considering for a lifelong marital companion.  You will also come to know how important it is that you choose the best possible spouse and how that can seriously affect your current life and future happiness.

Here are just a few of the critical subjects Brother Bob will cover:

• Communication compatibility or in-compatibility and how to discover it.
• Do the two of you speak the same “love language?”
• The Parent Factor.
• Love vs. trust; their differences and how do they apply to a couple?
• Effects on the marriage from the “Jekyll and Hyde” syndrome.

Good solid information explained with a bit of humor and a firm grip on sensibility.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to discover how well the “special someone” they are considering for a marriage partner will fit into the realm of a great spouse.


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